After the overturn of Roe v. Wade, states were given the power to decide abortion laws.

In Florida, abortion is legal through fifteen weeks of pregnancy. After this time, abortion can only be performed in cases of life endangerment, severe risk to the woman’s physical health, or in the case of fatal fetal abnormalities.

In any pregnancy there are three options: abortion, parenting, and adoption.

1. Second-Trimester Abortion in Florida

The Cleveland Clinic defines the second trimester as Week 14 to Week 27 in pregnancy.

Abortion is still legally an option in Florida up to 15 weeks. However, this will be a surgical abortion procedure rather than the abortion pill (which is FDA-approved for use within the first ten weeks). Both the abortion pill and surgical abortions come with risks that women should be aware of prior to making a final pregnancy decision. At our Center, though we don’t perform or refer for abortions, we can provide accurate information regarding each abortion procedure so that you can be fully prepared and educated prior to a pregnancy decision. 

2. Carrying to Term and Parenting

Your second option is to continue carrying your pregnancy and then parenting your future child.

While parenting comes with challenges, it also comes with a new life-long relationship. If you’re interested in this option, Florida has programs to make parenting easier.

Healthy Start 

This program is available to pregnant women and families with children under the age of three. It’s completely free and provides education and care coordination so that women and families can learn more about local services and programs available to them.

Presumptive Eligibility for Pregnant Women (PEPW)

Pregnant women who meet certain income and eligibility requirements can receive coverage for early in pregnancy through PEPW before Medicaid coverage starts.

Our Center additionally offers referrals for childcare, medical care, mentor programs, material assistance, and more.

3. Creating an Adoption Plan

If you want to carry to term and know parenting isn’t an option right now, you can create an adoption plan. 

This involves working with an adoption agency to craft a plan for your future child and choosing the amount of contact you want to have. You can even select the adoptive family you would like your child to be placed with. The adoption agency we work alongside makes sure that a birth mom does not have to pay for her medical care during pregnancy, allowing adoption to be a completely free option.

This option gives a hopeful couple a chance to grow their family and gives you the chance to still have contact with your child without parental responsibilities. You can set the terms and make an adoption plan that fits your lifestyle.

Pros and Cons

Only you can decide how to move forward with your pregnancy. It’s important to be fully informed prior to committing to a decision. We can offer support and information as you evaluate your pregnancy options during your second trimester.

Schedule a free appointment to talk through each one in a safe environment. We’re here to help.

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