An adoption is an option for you when facing an unplanned pregnancy. It’s a great option to consider, as it gives you and your child hope for the future. Many people are confused about the process or have preconceived ideas about adoption. Hopefully, we can clear some of the confusion for you and give you more clarity about this option of adoption!

The Process of Adoption

Motherhood doesn’t always look like hands-on parenting for some. Life circumstances or financial hardship are reasons maybe you don’t feel like you could take on that role of raising your child. Know that there are families willing to raise your child with flexibility for you to still be a part of their life. Adoption has dramatically changed over the years and continues. You, as the birth mom is in complete control now and you are the deciding factor.

Open adoption is the most common type of adoption. It’s where the child is placed with someone the adoptive mother knows. She chooses how often she wants to keep in contact with her child if she desires. Adoption laws differ from state to state, so it’s essential to have someone knowledgeable about the law helping you.

You may also choose to use an adoption agency. It will be the agency’s responsibility to find adoptive families and handle all legal requirements. You can also choose what adoptive family with this process. Remember that no reputable agency or lawyer will require anything financially. You won’t have to pay anything.

Do what feels best for you and your situation. If you need help deciding, talk with our non-judgmental team today for more information. 

Furthermore, since adoption can come with a wide variety of emotions, it is important that each woman knows she is not alone- both before and after she has placed her child for adoption. Through our Center, we offer a support group for birth moms so they have an opportunity to share their stories, struggles, victories, and anything in between. If you plan to place your child for adoption, or if you made this choice decades ago, this community of women is for you. If you are interested in joining our support group for birth moms, please contact our Center for meeting information!

Choosing A Family

This can be the tricky part because there are so many families wanting to adopt. You can choose from families who have had an extensive background check. They will have home studies done and fill out a questionnaire to get to know about them more. It includes things like income, religion, hobbies, photos of the family, etc. You can take your time in the process.

Is Adoption Right For Me?

You may still have questions about adoption, and that’s ok! It’s a major decision that takes time to think through. You have options. We can help you along the way with all the information you need to know about your adoption options.

Contact us today to speak with our caring staff about this option. We are here for you.

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.