Signs You Are Being Pressured into an Abortion Decision

You should always feel like you have a choice when it comes to making a pregnancy decision, especially because it will have a significant impact on your future.

If you feel overshadowed, silenced, or unsafe, these are all signs you are being pressured into an abortion decision. Keep reading for information about the signs.

You Feel Like You Have No Say

Do you feel like you can’t get any words in when talking about your pregnancy options? Are you being blackmailed or manipulated into abortion? Do you feel like you’re not being heard? These are all forms of pressure and control.

No one should be forced into an abortion, and it is legally a form of coercion. Know that you have the final say when it comes to your pregnancy and your future.

You Feel Unsafe

If you are worried about your safety due to pressure from a partner or family member, don’t hesitate to seek help right away.

Your safety matters. Contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline right away. A representative can help you with the resources you need to find safety.

A Non-Judgmental & Safe Place

We’re here to support you as you navigate this challenging time. Making a pregnancy decision takes education and time. Our compassionate team is here with you along the way, with no pressure or judgment.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Visit our center to receive free pregnancy confirmation services. We offer free lab-quality pregnancy tests. If the test is positive, our staff can perform a free ultrasound to confirm important pregnancy details that determine your options.

Talk Through Your Options

Abortion is not your only option to consider. You deserve the facts about all your options as you navigate an unexpected pregnancy. Discuss all three pregnancy options with us today: abortion, adoption, and parenting.

Schedule a free consultation to get answers and support. You are not alone.

At our clinic, we do not perform or refer for abortions, but we are committed to being an affordable first step so that you can receive the information and clarity you need prior to such a big decision.

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.