Imagine you’ve just gotten to Florida State. You’re ready to take your education head-on, and you feel on top of the world. Friday night number one of many rolls around, and you meet your friends for a night out. You come across a guy, and suddenly, the two of you are interested. Fast-forward to a month later. “Why didn’t my period come?”

For some of you, this might just be a hypothetical. For others, you might have walked this road before. And for the other handful, you might be in that situation right now.

Are you worried about an unplanned pregnancy? Are you a student in either high school or college? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know there are specific resources just for you?



As a student, you might be wondering which pregnancy option to pursue moving forward.  If you are planning to carry the pregnancy, there are numerous programs set in place to serve as a support system to specifically guide you through this. If you are interested in pursuing adoption, AWPC works alongside agencies who can meet with you one-on-one to discuss the best adoption plan moving forward. If you choose to parent, there are several low-cost childcare programs available to student moms. These programs have reduced rates for students, and financial supplements are also available for childcare expenses, which can cover up to half the cost!

Student Resources

For starters, women who are pregnant as students are able to receive academic support. Regardless of your local college campus, you can be plugged in to Academic Support programs. If there is one area of study where you need additional time and individual care in order to process, FSU, FAMU, and TCC all have programs in place specifically for this purpose. They can also help you create a game plan to manage what college will look like for you in this season, and how to create a manageable schedule.

The needs of your baby can absolutely be met by community support and programs. But what about you? If you are interested in seeking counseling during this busy and trying season of life, several of Tallahassee’s colleges and universities offer free professional counseling to students. They will place your mental health at the forefront, and make sure you are cared for!

Did you know that there are also grants and scholarships available for pregnant student moms? Whereas some women might think pregnancy can derail an entire college career, this is not the case! There are financial resources out there not only for your baby, but for you as well. Your timeline and circumstances might look a bit different than you imagined, but you never have to abandon your hopes and dreams.


What about insurance? A lot of people tend to focus on the financial aspect of a child after they are born, but what about before? At A Women’s Pregnancy Center, we provide a list of detailed instructions on how to apply for Pregnancy Medicaid, as well as a list of local doctors we know and recommend who accept this form of temporary insurance for prenatal care. In addition, for moms who pursue adoption through one of our recommended agencies, they do not have to pay a penny for any of the pregnancy-related medical care that they receive! In addition, we can also provide other local referrals for health clinics who provide medical care on a sliding scale.


If you’re curious about finding a part-time job, AWPC has a frequently updated list of local establishments that are hiring! In addition, our local colleges and universities have Career Centers, where staff members can help you map out a game plan, and find employment options that would be right for you!


If you are in this season of life, and find yourself staring blankly at two little pink lines on a pregnancy test, we understand firsthand that this can be an overwhelming experience. However, we are here to provide care, love, and support during this season and beyond. You are never on your own!

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.