Here is Christmas decorations in a home with an unexpected pregnancy

The holiday season can be tough to manage even if you have nothing else on your mind – but if you’re also in the midst of making a pregnancy decision, holiday celebrations can seem flat out overwhelming. To make the holidays less stressful and make the most of your time with your loved ones while navigating an unplanned pregnancy, here are a few pieces of advice from our center. Contact A Women’s Pregnancy Center today at 850-297-1174 for additional support and pregnancy resources.


The most important thing to keep in mind throughout the holiday season and gatherings is that you need to be aware of your limits. Don’t be afraid to respectfully decline an invitation if you know you will feel stressed or if you’re worried about probing questions. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to share with friends and family your concerns and what you need if you feel like their support would allow you to attend without feeling stressed.


If you haven’t shared the news with your extended family yet, it can be helpful to have a close friend or family member who knows your situation who you can count on for support. And if your family does know, don’t be afraid to ask for some understanding and help. Pregnancy is difficult even when you were planning for it, so don’t feel like you need to go through it alone. For additional support in your pregnancy decision, know you can always call A Women’s Pregnancy Center at 850-297-1174.


Don’t feel pressured to share or explain anything you’re not comfortable with. Your pregnancy story, and your choices for how you will handle it, are yours alone. Some people will ask out of a desire to be supportive, others just can’t contain their curiosity, and some will ask you because they want to share their advice that, however well-intentioned it may be, may not be appropriate at the moment. Don’t feel bad for avoiding uncomfortable questions or situations. At times like these, you need to prioritize your own emotional well being and mental health above the feelings of your friends and family.


When you’re pregnant, questions are unavoidable. People may ask why you’re not eating or drinking certain things. If you’re further along, they might ask about the baby’s father or if you’re planning to get married. They might ask what options you’re considering or even try to change your mind. In these cases, it’s good to have some concise answers prepared so you can give them easily and avoid unnecessary discomfort. One way to prepare is to think about the questions you least want to be asked, and then plan how you would answer them gracefully. Rehearse the answers to yourself so that you can confidently deliver them when you’re put on the spot. In all of these questions, it’s important to remember that your family just wants the best for you and you may need to extend them grace if they don’t react well at first.


The holidays can be a whirl of activity and responsibilities, but when you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you need to take time for yourself as well. Make sure you leave open time to relax, recharge, and consider your thoughts and feelings. Don’t feel like you need to attend every event or host any yourself if you aren’t up to it. One of the main pregnancy symptoms is fatigue, so it’s perfectly natural and even advisable, to take things slow and easy. Your body is caring for two now, so make sure you’re resting up for the both of you!


It’s normal to have questions or need additional help when you’re dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. If you aren’t sure who to ask, call A Woman’s Pregnancy Center today at 850-297-1174. We offer pregnancy resources, support, and information to women in our community at absolutely no cost to you. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit us online to learn more about how we can help you.

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