Is abortion my only option if I don't have any money?

When you are feeling financially strained, it may feel like abortion is your default choice, but you have other options available to you. Adoption and parenting are both options for you in your pregnancy, and there are ways to move forward in both, even if finances seem to be a barrier at this time.

Keep reading to learn more about your options, or if you live near Tallahassee, Florida, schedule an appointment to talk in person with a caring team member at A Women’s Pregnancy Center.

Making Parenting Possible

Parenting is the most expensive option because you are committing to raising a child. However, if your heart desires parenting, finances don’t have to be a barrier.

Here are ways to make parenting achievable.

1. Learn About Local Organizations

Our center offers many material resources such as diapers, formula, and supplies. This can relieve your financial burden so you can focus on parenting well.

Other organizations can help with housing, higher education, job and financial readiness, childcare, and other necessities. We can connect you to them.

If you do not have health insurance and meet Florida Medicaid’s income requirements, this can help you cover many of the pregnancy medical expenses for you and, later, your child.

2. Create a Plan and Goals

While you might feel financially strained right now, it doesn’t mean your situation will stay this way. If you’re currently enrolled in college or job training, your finances will change as you progress in your career.

It’s easy to focus on your current situation, but many organizations can help make parenting possible now as you plan your future and set attainable career and financial goals.

Exploring Adoption

If you know you’re not in the position to parent, maybe even emotionally or mentally, in addition to finances, adoption can be an option.

While it can be difficult to place a child for adoption, you are giving a hopeful couple the incredible gift of growing their family.

You can also have peace knowing you selected the family based on background checks and criteria you believe will help your child have a bright future.

The adoptive family will cover many of your pregnancy expenses and maybe even other expenses based on state laws. The adoption agency that our Center works alongside allows the adoption process to be completely free, and they serve as a resource for birth moms 24/7 as long as you need them.

If parenting and abortion aren’t for you, adoption can be a flexible choice with customizable adoption plans to fit your lifestyle and the amount of contact you’d like to have with your future child.

The Decision Is Yours!

What do you truly want? Where do you see yourself in five, ten, and fifteen years?

Asking these tough questions now can help you make an empowered choice for your future. We’re here to support you as you navigate your pregnancy options.

Schedule a no-cost appointment today to receive early pregnancy services and talk in a confidential setting!

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.