• When did you become a dad?
  • What is the sweetest memory you have with your child(ren)?
  • Funniest memory with your child(ren)?
  • Favorite part of being a dad?
  • If you could give one piece of advice to dads, or those that hope to be dads in the future, what would it be?


I became a dad on July 30, 1967 to my oldest daughter, “Katrina”. I have so many sweet memories with my two daughters, “Katrina” and “Anna”. Some of the sweetest memories, however, involve when “Katrina” was about 10 or 11 years old, and she developed such a special bond with my mother-in-law. Their conversations were precious, and quite deep for a young child. I was so impressed with her maturity, and her love for her grandma.

It has been so long since my girls were small, that I can’t even remember a specific funny moment that’s my favorite! My favorite part of being a dad is watching my kids become faithful, responsible, caring, generous adults, and raising their children to have these same wonderful qualities. One piece of advice for dads or future dads is to love others selflessly, and allow your children to observe this behavior in your own life. They will want to be just like dad!



I became a dad in 1982 and again in 1990. My sweetest memories of my two sons are when they interacted with both sets of their grandparents. They loved all of them very much. I also have very fond memories of participating in Indian Guides with both my sons.

One memory that stands out is when my sons were very little and they helped me wash my car. My oldest son, while assisting as best he could, proceeded to get into the bucket! He was covered in suds from head to toe. They did however learn at a young age how to properly wash a car!

I think my favorite part of being a dad is seeing my sons become dads. Observing how much they love and care for their children is amazing to see. It makes me realize that my wife and I did something right with our sons. My piece of advice to dads is to be very cautious to not become too close of a friend with your children. It is important that they see you as a parent first.



I became a dad on September 5th, 1969. My daughter was a surprise, and my girlfriend and I didn’t know if we could move forward as young parents. 51 years later, I realized that my inexperience and doubts were met with overwhelming love that my heart could not have imaged in my moments of uncertainty.

The best moment was seeing my daughter become a mom! I can’t remember a specific funny memory, but the precious memories are plentiful. My favorite part of being a dad is watching your legacy continue through children and grandchildren. My advice to dads would be that even if things seem overwhelming or daunting with raising your children, the reward is worth it.


I first became a dad in 1982. My greatest memory with my children is being able to watch them get married, and seeing the overwhelming joy they felt when entering that new stage of life. The funniest memory I have of my children is when they decided to have an egg fight in our backyard when they were young!

My absolute favorite part about being a dad is having the opportunity of providing for them, leading them, and loving them in a way that leaves a lasting positive impact. One piece of advice I would give to dads, or those hoping to become dads, is to love your children through every stage of life, not matter what obstacles arise. And no matter what, always be there for them.


My first of seven children was born a month before our first anniversary in 1985, when I was 27 years old. My sweetest memory is reading stories with them before bedtime. My funniest memory is camping out on a trip to Calloway Gardens when we experienced the following:  leeches on legs while wading in lake, ant infestation, and being forced from a lake due to lightning not once but twice after barely getting wet. It wasn’t funny at the time, but it definitely is looking back.

My favorite part of being a dad was holding my kids, playing with them, and sharing their joys, triumphs, and successes. My one bit of advice to dads, both current and future, is to stay off of all electronic devices (phone, laptop, tv, etc.) when your child is talking to you.  Truly listen to them to hear their heart as much or more than their words.  Give them your undivided attention and spend lots of time with them.  Love them unconditionally and sacrificially – you will never regret it!

Difficult Roads often lead to Beautiful Destinations.