Have you taken the abortion pill and feel like you want to reverse that decision? Maybe you think it’s too late but aren’t sure. It may still be possible for you to save your pregnancy and reverse the effects of the abortion pill.

Abortion pill reversal can be attempted if you’ve taken the first of the two drugs used in the abortion pill process, mifepristone. 

Is it Safe, and How Does it Work?

In a study by the National Library of Medicine, they share, “There was no apparent increased risk of birth defects. Conclusions: The reversal of the effects of mifepristone using progesterone is safe and effective.” This naturally occurring hormone, progesterone, is the only component needed for abortion pill reversal. 

The first medication in the abortion pill process blocks your body from utilizing progesterone, a natural hormone to support the pregnancy. The reversal process increases progesterone levels to help your body carry out a pregnancy. 

According to the same study, the success rate for reversing the impacts of the abortion pill is 64% to 68%.

How Do I Get Help?

Where do you begin? How do you receive help right away? Time is of the essence, and it’s recommended not to wait. It’s best to start the reversal process within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill. Even if you’ve waited longer, a reversal may still be successful.

Women can visit the abortion pill reversal hotline or call 877-558-0333 to get help immediately, as they have a 24/7 helpline.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone in this process, and help is available. We know it can seem a little scary right now, but we would love to come alongside you to help in navigating your next steps.

If you need extra pregnancy support, we are here for you. At A Women’s Pregnancy Center, we offer free and confidential lab-quality pregnancy testing, limited ultrasounds, and pregnancy education/resources. Contact us today.

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