Are you considering abortion by mail after finding out you’re unexpectedly pregnant? We understand the fears and concerns you may have right now. Before a pregnancy decision, it’s important to first understand what to expect, potential risks, and all of the options available to you. You are not alone in navigating an unexpected pregnancy.

Also known as the abortion pill and medical abortion, mail-order abortion is a two-step process. It consists of two drugs that terminate an existing pregnancy: mifepristone and misoprostol.

Keep reading to learn the three things to know if you are considering mail-order abortion. A confident decision begins by being completely informed.

1. Are You Eligible?

Pregnancy confirmation is always a top priority when it comes to talking about pregnancy options, including abortion. Before considering mail-order abortion, you should know that the abortion pill is only approved by the FDA for women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant. 

An ultrasound is necessary to confirm whether the pregnancy is progressing (indicated by fetal heartbeat), and confirm that it is located in the uterus (since a pregnancy outside of the uterus is known as an ectopic pregnancy, which requires a separate procedure). 

We can provide a free lab-quality pregnancy test, and if it’s positive, we can perform a limited ultrasound exam to look for uterine pregnancy and fetal heartbeat, both of which are important prior to an abortion procedure. 

An OB’s office would be able to determine exactly how far along you are as well as confirm potential pregnancy complications that could disqualify you for abortion and require other medical attention.

2. Do You Understand the Risks?

Along with the risks of medical abortion (the abortion pill), additional risks come specifically with mail-order abortion, including:

  • Potential unverified chemicals in abortion pills from online distributors
  • Potential unverified dosage (which could potentially lead to an incomplete abortion and serious side effects)
  • Unlisted risks and side effects with abortion pills online (since many are sent from overseas and do not meet the FDA guidelines)

3. Have You Considered All of Your Options?

We are here to offer you more insight into your pregnancy and your options. You deserve the facts. 

While we do not perform, prescribe, or refer for abortions at our Center, our caring team is here to help answer your questions and review the pregnancy options available to you, including abortion procedures, risks, and side effects. Schedule a free appointment today.

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