Belly Boutique

If you find yourself facing a pregnancy, whether planned or unplanned, you might be wondering how you’re going to get necessary baby items. At A Women’s Pregnancy Center, when you are striving to stay healthy and keep your baby healthy during pregnancy, we want to take this additional concern off of your plate. One of the free services we offer with AWPC is through another location called the Belly Boutique!


This is a place where moms established as a client during the first trimester can acquire diapers, wipes, maternity clothes, cribs, strollers, and more to prepare for baby! All of these items are 100% free, and moms are eligible to visit once per month until their baby reaches 7 months old. 

Below are testimonials from a few of our fantastic Belly Boutique employees regarding how working at this center has allowed them to connect with our clients in a big way! 


One of my favorite parts of working at the Belly Boutique is how many clients have their specific counselors that they love. They develop relationships and sometimes they light up when they see the counselor they are most familiar with, whether that’s me, or one of the other ladies here. One of my closest clients moved here with her partner from another country, and we have been able to provide both material and emotional support for them!

We are able to have wonderful conversations with one another about where they are at in school, what’s new with the pregnancy, and what is new in their lives as well. They have since had their baby, and we have been able to continue this relationship that is both meaningful to the couple, and to me!



One of the incredible parts of working at the Belly Boutique is seeing people bring in donations that will then impact new moms. One local group held a car seat drive, and brought in roughly 50 car seats for babies of our clients!

This is one area of our Center where we can have community involvement among those who simply want to help moms in need and it is truly a beautiful thing! I also love what a joyful environment the Belly Boutique is.

We are able to get live updates from clients, as well as celebrate with them when they have gender reveals. Where many women feel stressed about not being able to afford a baby, we are able to meet that need with joyful, face-to-face, consistent support, equipping them with the items necessary to bring their little one into the world.


I love getting to see the clients month after month during their pregnancy and offer encouragement and lend an ear to listen to anything they might be going through. Building relationships with them is so meaningful. It’s wonderful to see how happy they are to receive needed items for their baby and maternity clothes for themselves.

We believe in pouring into both baby AND mom! I am always reminded how little things can go a long way in showing these precious women that we care! The best part is seeing the new babies after they are born and to get to celebrate their birth with the parents.


I began working with the Belly Boutique during an internship for my college, and I can’t begin to express what an amazing experience this has been. I love getting to work one-on-one with the women who come to our Center, and remind them that they are not alone, even when they might feel like it. Some moms don’t have an abundance of support from family, partners, or friends, and we do everything we can to fill that gap for them.

What I love most about the Belly Boutique is the overwhelming support and love that we get to show our clients. Each woman that walks into our building is so important to us, and we feel that it’s up to us to allow her to feel seen, heard, and loved.

Since working here, my eyes have been opened to a lot of the ways in which women are lacking in support, and I love that we can meet that need with no cost to our clients.


My favorite part about working at Belly Boutique is getting to sit down and just have a conversation with the moms! I think it is so important to invest into the lives of each woman that comes in, because this is both a challenging and beautiful stage of life! We simply want to make sure they are loved and cared for, and that they know we are always here as a support system.

I love getting to talk with them to hear about how pregnancy is going, and also how they are feeling. How is she feeling with morning sickness? Is she excited about the baby’s gender? Is she receiving help from friends or family? How is she doing emotionally? These are the questions we want to ask, and strive to ensure that each woman who comes in knows that she is so loved and treasured!

If you are in your first trimester of pregnancy, and you would like to get set up with our free Belly Boutique resources, call A Women’s Pregnancy Center at (850)297-1174.