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About A Women’s Pregnancy Center

A Women's Pregnancy Center has been serving women and men in Tallahassee since 1986. We have been at our FSU campus location since 2005. We have affiliated locations in Madison and Marianna, Florida at 345 N.W. Marion Street and 4469 Suite A Clinton Street, respectively. Our goal is to be readily available to the women of the Big Bend area without requiring our clients to travel long distances.

How we are funded

A Women's Pregnancy Center is funded entirely by donations from people, organizations and businesses in the community.  AWPC does not receive any funding from local or national government agencies.

Though the Center has a small number of paid staff people to maintain regular operation, it is primarily run by volunteers working in various capacities.

A board of directors governs the activities and finances of A Women's Pregnancy Center.  This board is made up of men and women in the community in various positions of influence and occupations.

Do you think you might be pregnant?

Do you think you might be pregnant?

Are you facing the possibility of an un-planned pregnancy? A Women's Pregnancy Center is here to help.

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